Neon Cow at Tina B. ART–ECO–BIO, Eco Bio Goes Around the World, 2011

Cow – Neon, Prague – Neon, wood, metal, 75 x 105 cm, 2011


TINA B. Contemporary Art Festival 2011
20 October–13 November 2011 Prague
Opening hours: Tuesday–Sunday, 12 noon–6 pm, free admission
Main programme
20 October–23 October 2011
The sixth year of the TINA B. Festival is presenting ‚green‘ works by a hundred contemporary artists from around the world in the Fallout Shelter beneath Hotel Jalta and at other locations around Prague
Prague, 10 October 2011 – Are you interested in the latest trends in contemporary art from around the world? TINA B. has found them for you! This autumn for the sixth year running she has invited progressive artists from literally all over the world to Prague. Around a hundred artists have been invited, among them, for instance, the special guest at TINA B. 2011 the famous Chinese artist Yuan Gong, or the Dutch artists Tjerk Ridder and Peter Bijl who are coming to Prague with their migrating eco-caravan. The theme of this year’s festival is ART – ECO – BIO.
From 20 October to 13 November 2011 TINA B. will be exhibiting unconventional ‘green’ works at several locations around Prague. ‘The main centre of contemporary art this year is in an unusual location – the Fallout Shelter beneath Hotel Jalta at Wenceslas 45, right in the heart of Prague. Another festival hub is (A)void Gallery on the river quay below Rašín Embankment, where exhibitions of open-air installations will be on display. Some of the works on the quay can be seen by visitors on board an old tourist boat anchored opposite the gallery’, says the director of the TINA B. Festival Monika Burian Jourdan.
Many of the works on show as part of TINA B. 2011 will be exhibited at the festival’s home venues – Vernon Projekt (Heřmanova 12) and Vernon Gallery (Janovského 23) in Prague 7. Two festival sections will be open for viewing at Vernon Gallery’s new exhibition space, Vernon Depot, located in Holešovice at U Průhonu 22.
TINA B. will also be screening films at BIO OKO cinema in the Holešovice district of Prague (Františka Křížka 460/15). For those who enjoy discussions, a debate will be held at this same location on the theme of read-made art as a means of recycling art.

The TINA B. Contemporary Art Gallery in Prague is a unique art even that is organised each year in Prague by Vernon Gallery. TINA B. does not just refer to the festival’s mysterious patroness, it also stands for ‘This Is Not Another Biennial’. Thanks to its openness the festival regularly draws thousands of visitors through its ‘gates’. As always TINA B. will be presenting the latest trends in the fields of new media, light art, video art, performance, and more.

The theme of this, the sixth year of the TINA B. Contemporary Art Festival is ART – ECO – BIO. ‚Ecology and environmental protection are among the biggest issues in the world today. Ecology is understood as a political, perhaps even economic, but rarely as an artistic theme. But art is also a part of public life and can change many things“, says the director of the TINA B. Festival Monika Burian Jourdan.
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