POST-H(E)AVEN on Destabilized Ground & Soho in Ottakring, Vienna


G(hosts)8: Spray paint on wall, Yppenplatze, Vienna

POST-H(E)AVEN on Destabilized Ground

Czech Centre Vienna / 27 March – 16 May, 2012

Soho in Ottakring / 12 – 16 May, 2012

The 5th exhibition of the “art meets the (c.i.t.y.) streets” series taking place at the Czech Centre in Vienna runs concurrently with SOHO in Ottakring festival.
The two exhibitions (at the Czech Centre gallery and at the festival) are focusing on the situation of the current unstable world shown through the perspective of three Czech contemporary artists. In their work the artists examine the specific social phenomenon – Robert Šalanda is focusing on the peculiar form of Czech heroism; Petra Valentová´s neon cow is referencing to the complicated
story of the Indian contemporary society; Jan Kaláb explores the relationship between the micro (human) and macro (cosmic) world.

The exhibition’s title post-h€aven has many (various) meanings. It refers to the common sense of safety, shared Euro-Atlantic belief that nothing “bad” can happen to our society. Western culture is a paradise of individual choice and each of us is aware of its values. Value has its numerical equivalent, coefficient of (individual) freedom. The “safe” Western Haven conceals within itself refugees, the witnesses of the outside world. They bring chaos to the temple of comfort, chaos of values, a disruption to the order. Border-lines are changing again and the movement of masses channels to the movement of mind. Our heaven of commodities acquires new name, a preposition -post like everything that is difficult to name or categorize.

At the gallery: Petra Valentová´s cows are simple but strong testimony to what is well known and visible but we are powerless to change it. With gentle humour, she presents the Indian society in contrast to the habitual values of the Euro-American tradition questioning whether there is any tradition left.

On the street: Project: G(HOSTS)8: An unexpected encounter. May G8 Summit on the Yppenplatz. The human scale of those who rule has taken on an unusual shape. They are starting to participate in the everyday reality from which they are in fact irreversibly detached. A summit of ghosts whose presence is unpredictable has just begun.

Exhibition concept and texts: Klára Voskovcová