Art and Recycling: polystory / episode 1: from the new world – Gallery Art for Children

polystory / episode 1: from the new world

GUD – Gallery Art for Children – the space where the imagination of children is front and centre

‘Art and Recycling’ – 15 March, 2012 – 17 June, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

The exhibition ‘Art and Recycling’ presents interactive installations by contemporary artists that offer children a maximum of experiences, where children will be able to work directly with the art on exhibit. Artists invited to take part in the exhibition include Linda Čihářová, Petra Gupta Valentová, Markéta Hlinovská, Veronika Richterová, Txabi Zabala, Shendra Stucki and Shalom Neuman. The curator of the exhibition is Monika Burian Jourdan, President of Art for Public, o.s.

Petra Gupta Valentová – polystory / episode 1: from the new world

‘Cars don’t belong in the city. Try to exchange it for something that you’d prefer to see in its place.’

In front of you is a big city called New York, located on the other side of the ocean. The houses in New York are small. Like the kind you already know from Prague. But there are also skyscrapers in New York, and sometimes, when it’s foggy outside, you can’t see their peaks. A large black car is just outside New York, on its way to visit the city. But cars don’t belong in the city, because they pollute the air. Try to put something there that you’d rather see in the city instead of a car. There are things all around you and in the boxes. Pick out the object that you like most and place it on the car. Does it stick? Pick another object and stick it right beside the first one. Make your own story out of these objects you pick and try to persuade the car to leave New York.

Petra (* 1974) is a progressive artist who works between several continents and several different art media. She studied sculpture and she enjoys experimenting with all kinds of materials: bronze, marble, plastic, rubber, porcelain. She also likes to explore different means of artistic expression; she works with drawings, sound, video, performance, and multi-media installations.

The new Gallery Art for Children is located in an old historical building in the centre of Prague, the former of home of Franz Kafka. However it is more than just another new gallery. It represents a concept that Prague has been missing to date. The Gallery Art for Children represents a genuinely new approach to visitors. The gallery focuses on very young children (preschool age and young school age) and their parents and teachers. The familiar ‘Don’t Touch!’ rule doesn’t apply here; on the contrary, the gallery’s motto is ‘Take in the exhibits with all your senses and use your own ideas to reshape them.’

Gallery address: nám. Franze Kafky 24/3, Prague 1 (by Old Town Square) –

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