LIC Duck – sculpture

 fundraiser SUCCESSFUL! Thank you all. The sculpture is finished and will be installed at the LIC Community garden on Wednesday, October 10 afternoon, followed by small get-together & celebrate 5:30-6:30 PM.



LIC duck – final model

The LIC Duck, or the Yellow duck, is a sculpture based on rubber duck made from laminate and intended for Long Island City Community Garden.  It started in 2010 as a proposal for A Lot of Possibilities, a project by artist Anna Lise Jensen, which places art in NYC gardens.

Inspired by my son’s love for ducks wandering by waterfront in Long Island City, which is our home, I proposed a sculpture of simplified, enlarged duck for local community garden. The proposal got approved by the garden’s board and after receiving grant from New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program I created one to one model from corrugated styrofoam and plaster, which is now ready to be cast in laminate and placed in the garden. The community garden was founded by local resident, who needed green space. It’s mission is to repurpose, reuse and beautify the neighborhood – the duck will become it’s landmark, it’s symbol and it’s attraction.

WHY DUCK? It’s fun. It’s bright and it’s — yellow. It’s cute. It’s visible. And it’s really friendly! We all remember some form of it from our childhood and it doesn’t matter where we grow up. As homage to this deep warm memory and to honest love for our community, I am bringing the duck to Long Island City.

I made the model from corrugated styrofoam and plaster. The final sculpture will be made from reinforced laminate with pin on the bottom, attached to concrete base and placed on the ground of the garden. It will be painted canary yellow and safe for children to climb and sit on.

The model of LIC duck is now finished and waiting for (hopefully) successful kickstarted campaign to raise $$ for final casting from laminate.

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