tART Reading Room, Verge, Art Miami Beach

tART Reading Room
curated by Antidote
Verge, Art Miami Beach
Dec.6th – 9th, 2013

A series of readings and conversations conducted by tART member Anna Lise Jensen in a hotel room with tART art inspired by Pussy Riot and work from the collective’s collaboration with The Fabelist, UK. tART is bringing zines and cards urging Steinberg Press to reissue Support Structures by Celine Condoreli. tART essay by Katerina Liskova, feminist scholar. tART participants: damali abrams, Julia Whitney Barnes, Suzanne Broughel, Elsie Kagan, Katherine Keltner, Anna Lise Jensen, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Nikki Schiro, Melissa Staiger, Aya Uekawa and Petra Valentova. tART organizer: Anna Lise Jensen.


Support Structures by Celine Condorelli has been out of print for a while and deeply missed by many for a while. Click the image above for a full-size image of the appeal card, and send your email today to request the publisher reissue Condorelli’s influential title!


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