Spectrum, the power of colors – Petra Valentova at Tina B., GASK, Kutna Hora

Kutná Hora
TINA B. GASK KUTNÁ HORA 2013 – (22.06 – 25.08)

The 8th annual international exhibition of contemporary art TINA B. will be lunched on June 22nd, 2013 at the Gask Gallery under the new concept of “travelling exhibiton”. Multiple indoor and outdoor installations, focusing on the theme of spectrum and the power of color, will be showcased until the end of September.

The gallery and the adjacent exterior will be filled with artworks from around the world, made of various materials and different techniques. Video art, performance art, interactive objects, lighting design and origami are just a small outline of what Tina B will present in Kutna Hora.

The indoor installations will host the German artist Susanne Rottenbacher whose luminous radiance artifact contribute to enhance the beauty of the interiors of Kutna Hora. Light will also be the protagonist in the neon artifacts created by Petra Valentova. A couple of French – American artists, Philipp and Patricia Semp, will also visit GASK and install manifold shiny yellow balloons arranged in a serpentine shape together with a thematic video show. Based on the concept of the creation of origami, Kota Hirasuka will install brightly colored plastic artifacts. Viewers will be able to see an eye-catching video shooted by the Israeli photographer Roni Ben Ari. Another artist Eric Goulder from the USA has also confirmed his participation on Tina B with his bronz relieve combined with light projection . His compatriot Dana Volker focuses on the gentle charm of the color range of natural materials. Tina B. has also invited the Dutch artist Andreas Kopp and the Austrian painter Alex Rinesch who pays homage to the blue ocean. The exhibition will also host the sculptor Francesco Iglesias who is playing with multiple reflections chains . The French-born Yvo Jaqueir combines in his work the element of water and its interaction with multi-colored light beams. Also from France comes the next artist Stephane Malca, who uses local materials of the place of instalation and applies them to the interior and the facade of architectural objects. Light artifacts with the poetic name of Shadows are the work of Kit Reich from the United States. The entire installation will be enriched by the work of the Finnish artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö.




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