Tina B. 2013: On the rainbow and on the road – Capri

Petra Gupta Valentova – Sounds, Anacapri, Capri, summer 2013

It was Kandinsky who said it best: “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, the soul is the strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.“

For the season of 2013, TINA B. has decided to modify her existing concept and focus more on spreading her mission outside the Czech Republic. As part of the upcoming eighth year of the festival, she is out to explore the fascinating world of color. Her international tour has started in Anacapri in the summer, where she stayed from July 27th to the end of the summer. She was expanding her horizons so to get the acquaintance not only of local residents but also of seasonal tourists who are spending their summer there. The Italian section of the Festival was mostly in the form of outdoor installations located at well-known and frequented public places. There was colorful participation of international artists and per- formers.

The Italian artist Simone Fugazzotto who is also the author of the new logo for Tina B has brought to the island his favorite subject,It is a monkey which is used as a metaphor for tipical human characteristics. The Argentine-born artist Daniel Gonzalez also joined Tina with a colorful outdoor installation and surprising per- formances. Susanne Rottenbacher partcipated with a specially crafted luminous object. Czech artists were represented by Petra GuptaValentová, who presented her visual, onomatopoeic representation of sounds using fluorescent paint on the wood. The main square of Anacapri was pleased to see special audiovisual per- formance by Daniel Hanzlik. The project of Tina B. also included the Italian curator  Tina de Falco and three local artists who engaged the childern in the production and helped them to make common stock books. The youngest par- ticipants were presented by pupples from Singapure Naval school, They been presented ceramick chimney in Anacapri.

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Petra Gupta Valentova’s project Sounds visually depict the first basic vocals and sounds used by a toddler to communi- cate. Valentova is using vocabulary and technique of comics and street art – spray paint, neon colors and stencils to cre- ate bright, colorful and widely recognized images of sounds such as WOW, HI, GRRRRR etc. For a child, who is developing his/her speech, those first sounds and words are essential for communicating with the outside world. Simplified forms borrowed from comics strips and neon colors accentuate the importance of these sounds in child’s development.

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