—Petra Valentová

Petra Valentová (aka Petra Gupta) creates sculptures and installations in public spaces, working with wood, bronze, stone as well as through sound and video. She also uses other mediums of expression like drawings, thematic books and public performances. Her work often examines questions of identity, memory, childhood experiences and her own personal history. She has experimented with fusion of traditional craft styles from ancient India with post-modern Western art. Her recent exhibitions included: Paper Proposes Pleasure & Sculptors (New York, 2009); Domestication (Pardubice, 2009); In Silence (Tel Aviv, 2008); Common Ground (Rauma, 2007); I Menstruate, So Should I Stay At Home (Prague 2004; Brno 2005); Contemporary Czech Sculpture 1995–2005 (Prague 2006). Her two installations “The Three Graces” (2008) and “Market Art / So Long Ago I Can’t Remember” are in the permanent collection of the Czech National Gallery since 2009 and 2003. In 2007, Jitro publishing house published her book “Searching for a Sámi / Cookbook,” a record of a performance lasting several years that mapped the New York dating scene. In 2003, she received the Fulbright scholarship from the US Government for sculpture. Her artwork is in several private collections in Finland, the Czech Republic, India and the USA. Petra lives and works in New York City and continues to work extensively in Finland, India and her native Czech Republic. Petra graduated from the MGA program (2001) at the Akademie vytvarnych umeni (Academy of Fine Arts) in Prague, Czech Republic and the MFA program (2005) at Hunter College in New York City, USA.

Petra Valentová is active members of tART, a New York City based collective of emerging women artists who are committed to making art professionally.

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